Diane Overgard

Diane Overgard is a certified Executive Life Coach, sought-after speaker, and published author. She is the Founder of 45 Degrees Coaching, providing individual and business team coaching to local, national, and international clients since 2004. She knows how adults learn and quickly establishes an energizing environment of trust and respect, with enough light-heartedness to encourage clients to open up, have fun, and try new behaviors.

The key to a great professional life is making your personal life fantastic.

As a seasoned executive coach with a background in Adult Education, Diane understands that success in a professional life is enhanced by making a personal life incredible. To be truly successful at work, your “other” life has to work as well, and Diane knows what motivates people to make decisions and change behaviors. She will empower you to add more energy and satisfaction both at work and at home.

Diane has been a leader in the Naperville Speaker’s Bureau, National Council on Family Relations, KidsMatter Board of Directors, ParentsMatterToo, Naperville Chamber Women in Business, and a guest blogger for several professional organizations.

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Effective Executive Coaching Certification, PCCI (Professional Christian Coaching Institute)

Consultant to Play Like a Champion, University of Notre Dame​​

Foundational Coach Certification, ILCT (Institute for Life Coach Training)

Compass Coach Training Certification

ICF Core Competency Certification, ILCT​


Diane is an excellent career coach and I would highly recommend her to others looking for career change assistance. Diane was particularly helpful to me in clarifying my core career interests and strengths. She is very insightful, well organized and committed to facilitating your objectives. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Andrew M, Director of Finance / CFO
Diane is truly a master of her craft. I most appreciate her ability to help me paint the future I want for myself and my business. She leaves no thought or idea unturned and allows me to discover for myself the decisions that I need to make and paths that I should walk down. Life is a journey and I would not be as far as I am on mine if I had not spent the time I did with Diane.
Lisa S, Founder at The Finishing Touch
“I want to express my deep gratitude to you, Diane Overgard, for the expert coaching you gave me over the last several months. The changes I’ve made to my business and personal routines have produced exponential growth in new clients, income and attitude. In large part, my new success is due to the insights I gained from our work together and the support you gave me to take the steps needed for making change happen. Thank you for all that you do! I recommend your work to anyone who needs to make positive change in their life and business.”
Brad W, President/CEO
After a series of very effective career coaching sessions I hired Diane to conduct a one-day career development workshop with my marketing team. The response was unanimously positive! It gave my team members a chance to expand their thinking about their lives and careers and gave us tools to be more effective in our jobs and personal lives. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is leading a group of busy professionals.
Katherine J, Sr. Marketing Manager, Americas.
I’m so thankful to the friend that recommended that initial conversation with Diane. I had no idea the difference the right ‘coach’ could make! Diane has helped me reflect on where I have been and where I want to be and has helped guide me to a better place both personally and professionally. She has an amazing ability to listen, pull out the most important pieces and then make suggestions that help you put them all in the right place. I highly recommend her if you know you want to make a positive change toward living a more fulfilled life.
Susan R, Executive Director NFP
Diane has a natural ability to help people see their own possibility. She has been more than a coach for me; she’s been a thought partner. My time with Diane has helped me define the steps that I need to take to make big changes. I’m certain with Diane as part of my team I will see big results. Thank you Diane.
Sandra P, Financial Advisor and Business Coach
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