Naperville Life Coach Diane Overgard of 45 Degrees Coaching Received the 2013 Best of Naperville Award in the Human Relations & Career Coaching category. The Naperville Award Program identifies companies that have achieved remarkable success in their local community and business category. Company Founder and Owner, Diane Overgard accepted the award for her outstanding coaching services in the local Naperville community. “It is an incredible honor to be recognized for this award. As a coach I’m proud to watch my clients succeed, and this award fuels my desire to continue doing the work that I love,” said Diane Overgard, Founder of 45 Degrees Coaching.

The Naperville life coach company was recognized for its proven ability to use its programs to generate long-term value for community members. Leading premier personalized life coaching and life coach workshops in Naperville, Overgard guides individuals, business owners and corporations on ways to turn actions into sustainable habits.
“Forty-five degrees is the optimal angle to launch an object from where it is, to where you want it to go,” said Overgard. “It’s basic science! And I help people launch themselves from where they are to where they want to be.”
After over 10 years of experience as an executive life coach, Overgard has helped many businesses owners turn their corporate cultures into thriving, productive and efficient professional communities. Through her leading life coach services, she has helped employees and business owners improve their performance and productivity in the work place, stay connected with their children and spouse, and enjoy life more.
“Later never comes. If we wait for the perfect circumstances to move forward, whether it be starting a new job or taking initiative on a project, we will miss the opportunities to grow,” said Overgard. “With the right tools anyone can learn how to be more efficient and less stressed in work and in life,” said Overgard.