Lauren Dolan

Lauren Dolan is a certified Health & Life Coach. Lauren strongly believes that establishing healthy habits around nutrition, fitness, and a positive mindset are the fundamentals for achieving the life you desire as they translate to every personal and professional aspect of your daily life.

Lauren works with her clients to establish the goals they wish to achieve by diving deep into the reasoning for these goals, as well as revealing any setbacks that have kept them from achieving them thus far. Once these have been revealed, Lauren coaches on how to make small changes in daily habits that will set her clients up for inevitable success.

Lauren has spent over 15 years in the real estate industry in marketing and sales & training roles. What she enjoys most is building relationships as well as training and mentoring her team on new systems that allow for more efficient output in daily responsibilities. This approach is very similar to her approach with clients as a Health & Life Coach. Lauren applies these methods as she coaches clients who are going through life transitions such as divorce, relocation, career changes, fitness & nutrition challenges, and those who just want to find more fulfillment in their every day, or find their purpose in life. With the balance of the right system, support and accountability, Lauren helps her clients navigate through these major life transitions.

Through her own experiences, particularly her divorce, Lauren has embraced self-development, which includes healthier habits with nutrition, fitness, and the true understanding that life happens for you, rather than to you. Lauren coaches her clients to find this understanding for themselves, and to adjust their perspective, and furthermore daily habits, to make decisions that fully align with their overarching goal.

In her free time Lauren stays active with playdates, school and activities for her three young children. For her self-care Lauren loves strength-training at the gym, socializing with friends, traveling, and continuing to grow through self-development books, podcasts, conferences, and events.


Taylor M.

“Working with Lauren so far has been a great experience! Our weekly check ins encourage me to make better decisions throughout the week. Talking with her has helped me identify the rationale/excuses behind my habits. I look forward to finish my 90 days off strong as I continue to learn from Lauren and this experience!”

Laura L.

“Lauren has been a wonderful light for me during a time when I felt stuck with my goals, mentally & physically.  I reached out to her because I knew I needed to change something and had heard so many positive things about macro-counting through various sources, but I was overwhelmed to attempt it all on my own.  She’s been so kind, helpful, supportive, and flexible — she takes the time to get to know your goals, your schedule, your likes & dislikes, your weaknesses, and so forth. She’s extremely genuine and honestly wants to see you succeed, for she celebrates even your smallest victories with you.  I trust her completely, having already known her for years and witnessing her own positive changes after taking on a new lifestyle. I also am feeling more educated and empowered, thanks to Lauren. She’s extremely realistic as this is meant to become a lifestyle and she doesn’t want anyone to get burnt out.  She teaches you how to make smart choices when eating out, how to learn to balance your calorie types when not measuring them exactly, and the meal ideas she puts together are absolutely delish so you’re definitely not feeling deprived! I’ve only been macro-counting for a few weeks now, but already I’m noticing I’m more toned, my brain fog is occurring less and less, cravings I used to have aren’t there as much anymore, and uncomfortable bloating is gone!  I’m so excited for more positive changes to come as I continue to move forward — I can’t thank Lauren enough! She’s truly a gift to the healthy living & coaching world!”

Kristen Ramirez

“Lauren has been such a GEM to work with!  Not only do I feel fully supported she is just the right amount of push without being too assertive.  Her approach is to be kind and understanding but also provide the tools to help you find a sustainable plan to help you reach your goals.  I love working with her weekly and always feel energized after our calls. She’s an inspiration!”

Meagan Krift

“Having known Lauren since childhood I’d like to think I know her better than most…that said nothing could of prepared me to support her and be there for her during the last few years. During a time when life was dealing some low blows she carried herself with such grace and strength. I’ve learned more than just a thing or two from this inspiring woman.

 Lauren has taught me the importance of communicating in my marriage and truly taking time to connect with my husband as my partner in life and not just dad of our 3 kids.

 She has taught me the power of listening and acknowledging someone else’s emotions and feelings. To talk through things, sometimes without resolution, but with acknowledgement and a common goal in mind and at heart.

 She’s taught me a thing or two about fitness and healthy eating habits.

 Lauren is one of the strongest and most courageous beauties I’ve ever met. She cares deeply about putting positive energy into every area of our lives. She helps me switch my mindset often and reminds me when I need a perspective shift. The cool thing is with a friend like her I always have her coaching me and helping me strive to be the best ME I’m capable of being.”


Health Coach Institute

Certified Health Coach

Certified Life Coach


"Diane is an excellent career coach and I would highly recommend her to others looking for career change assistance. Diane was particularly helpful to me in clarifying my core career interests and strengths. She is very insightful, well organized and committed to facilitating your objectives. It was a pleasure to work with her."
Andrew M, Director of Finance / CFO
“Janice has this amazing natural gift of encouraging, aiding, & empowering people experiencing challenging situations. I’ve personally experience her positive & realistic approach towards the goal of resolution extremely valuable.”
Melissa P
“Alessandra is professional while being personable and friendly at the same time. She always challenges to identify my own pitfalls and come up with my own path to overcome them. She’s familiar with corporate life, so she understands how to navigate office politics. She can share best practices and help avoid common mistakes. hiring Alessandra as professional executive coach has improved the relationship with my colleagues and has made my daily life at work much more rewarding.”
G.C. Product Manager
"Lauren has been such a GEM to work with! Not only do I feel fully supported she is just the right amount of push without being too assertive. Her approach is to be kind and understanding but also provide the tools to help you find a sustainable plan to help you reach your goals. I love working with her weekly and always feel energized after our calls. She's an inspiration!"
Kristen Ramirez
“I want to express my deep gratitude to you, Diane Overgard, for the expert coaching you gave me over the last several months. The changes I’ve made to my business and personal routines have produced exponential growth in new clients, income and attitude. In large part, my new success is due to the insights I gained from our work together and the support you gave me to take the steps needed for making change happen. Thank you for all that you do! I recommend your work to anyone who needs to make positive change in their life and business.”
Brad W, President/CEO
"I’m so thankful to the friend that recommended that initial conversation with Diane. I had no idea the difference the right ‘coach’ could make! Diane has helped me reflect on where I have been and where I want to be and has helped guide me to a better place both personally and professionally. She has an amazing ability to listen, pull out the most important pieces and then make suggestions that help you put them all in the right place. I highly recommend her if you know you want to make a positive change toward living a more fulfilled life."
Susan R, Executive Director NFP
"Diane has a natural ability to help people see their own possibility. She has been more than a coach for me; she’s been a thought partner. My time with Diane has helped me define the steps that I need to take to make big changes. I’m certain with Diane as part of my team I will see big results. Thank you Diane."
Sandra P, Financial Advisor and Business Coach
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