A young golf caddy told me he gets the best tip money when he offers intelligent reminders to his customers. For example, one of his favorite comments, as his customer is preparing for a shot, is to say, “Align your trajectory, Sir.” That phrase stuck in my mind. How can golfing wisdom apply to business and personal life?

1-Launch a new day by aligning my trajectory. A healthy routine of light breakfast, brief meditation, and writing a realistic list of 5 things I’ll accomplish today, energizes me to shoot straighter toward productivity, influence, and satisfaction. What does a healthy morning look like to you?

2-Meet anxiety or worry by stepping away for a moment to get a clear perspective – just as I do step back from a tee shot to look at the flag. Step back and remember what’s important to me, and what I know for sure. I have the power to intentionally stop fretting about things that really don’t matter.

3-A challenging project – just like an over-the-water-shot – is best approached with a back-up ball in my pocket. What’s my back-up plan in case things don’t go as I’m hoping? A great second attempt can still become a success.

Golf – like most things in life – can teach me a lot if I look beneath the surface.