Business Workshops

Job satisfaction and employee retention are high priorities for any organization. How does a company go beyond the expected to provide benefits to its staff that, in return, bolster productivity and loyalty? Is there a more proactive, effective way to help employees develop habits that make them better leaders, more engaged, and able to make a better impact?

45 Degrees Coaching hosts private events tailored to your organization’s unique needs, challenges, situations, or topics. Diane Overgard knows how business professionals learn and quickly establishes an energizing environment of trust and respect. She works regularly with business teams of all sizes during staff development trainings, business luncheons, weekend retreats, and educational conferences.

Programs are highly-customizable, and often address:

* Clarifying roles and responsibilities
* Perspective-taking
* Growth
* Company culture
* Corporate values
* Change management

Business Workshops help teams learn new strategies and leave inspired to apply what they’ve learned in their own lives. Participants leave with a new appreciation for their colleagues, clarity, improved relationships, and improved patterns and behaviors. Diane expertly establishes cohesiveness and collaboration among team members and navigates the tricky waters of relationship-building.

Plan a mini-session on one day, an all-day event, or a series of hour-long sessions. Go the extra mile for your employees, sign up for exclusive workshops led by certified executive coach Diane Overgard.