Group Coaching Videoconferences – from the comfort of your own computer!

All you need is your I-Pad or computer to receive the benefits of life coaching. You may ask questions, share your ideas, or just listen in – whatever suits you. My goal for every coaching call is for you to laugh, learn, and leave feeling uplifted.

Gather your friends or co-workers for a focused coaching session.

The fee to participate in each teleconference is only $30/person, payable by credit card through PayPal. MAXIMUM 15 PARTICIPANTS makes this a small group experience. SEE REGISTRATION LINKS before each description.

When your registration is received you will be notified of the phone number to call, and your pass-code for log-in. One day before the teleconference you’ll receive an email packet of “talking papers” to use during the call. For more information – and to schedule a group – please email


Get Out of a Rut – Get “unstuck” as you measure your own optimism and ability to make new decisions. Invest an hour to increase your motivation as you create a new rut toward a happier life, confident that you’re headed in the right direction.


Stop Being Scattered – Do you ever feel overloaded, over-scheduled, and over-committed? Here is an energizing hour to change the way you approach your busy life. Learn a DYNAMIC 5 POINT STRATEGY for powerful thinking when you have too much on your mind. Gain a new perspective that opens you to enjoy your work and family every day.


Let Stuff Go – Have you been white-knuckled trying to hold onto people and situations in your life? There is power in letting go and in this seminar you will practice embracing the freedom you were meant to have. Learn how letting go of expectations and outcomes can be instrumental in moving forward to a better place in life.


End Procrastination Paralysis – Did you hear about the Procrastinator’s Anonymous group that failed because they kept putting off their first meeting? If pushing papers, avoiding decisions, and giving in to distractions keep you from accomplishing what you want at work and home, you can change! In this one-hour coaching group you will practice 3 IMMEDIATE CHANGES to help you see yourself from a new perspective and inspire you to get more done.