A few weeks ago I met three girlfriends for dinner. As I got out of the car I grabbed my emergency-deck-of-cards from the glove box. Yes, I carry an emergency-deck-of-cards and use it much more often than I use the emergency-first-aid-kit. Every car should have one.

We ordered our dinner and shared our lives. Since our last connection there were new health concerns, job challenges, financial stress, and worries about kids. As a life coach I help people move through these kinds of stressful experiences. So, what do you imagine helped us that night? Emergency Cards! We had a Crazy 8 marathon for three hours with strategy and scheming and loads of laughter. It was simple crazy fun and a valuable stress reliever.

It seems that everyone has stress these days. Here are three tips that help me:
Be careful not to crowd out fun and relaxation with overwork. Fun is an essential part of a healthy life.
Keep your sense of humor. The physical act of laughing actually fights stress.
Create a list of cheap, simple things that give you a lift and break up the pressures of life. Some parents make this a family project because our kids need to learn to handle stress too. Put these experiences on your calendar – often.