I like bread, but I don’t eat the crust. The soft center of a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread is delicious. The crust is too hard, too dry, and while I could eat the whole slice – why would I?

That’s a lot like life. We believe we should do it all, be it all, or have it all – and we waste precious time on the “crusts” of our days which could be better invested in parts that are our draw, our sweet spot.


Take a look at your calendar right now to evaluate your work week.

1- Where do you know you’ll make a difference for your customers or employees? That’s the key to purpose and fulfillment.

2- What moment will be challenging but holds opportunity for major positive change? Problem solving leads to growth and satisfaction.

3- What “crusts” can be eliminated, delegated, or recalculated? An executive life coach can be a thinking partner in that process!


Be intentional about considering your own preferences when making decisions. Tapping into your own passion, intensity, and outstanding significance builds your “personal brand” of excellence. This positive energy is contagious and you’ll see employees, customers and friends craving more of your influence.

My wonderful 92 year old mother tells about her memories of being a little girl who didn’t like bread crusts. Did I inherit this trait? Mom wrapped the crusts under the rim of her dinner plate, hiding them from her “Clean Your Plate Club” father. I marvel at her creativity! And, yes, I think I inherited that from her too. We’re all wired with preferences. Honor yours and watch for increased energy, motivation, and satisfaction at work and home.