What? Don’t talk with your teenager? Parents want kids to talk with them, but it’s often a struggle. Here are a few ideas for being available, which just might lead to a surprisingly great conversation!

· Sit in the same room with your child and watch him/her play a video game… but not talk.

· Take your teen to a coffee shop for an iced latte… not to talk.

· Go to a used car lot together and just look at the cars… not to talk.

· Deliver a glass of chocolate milk to your child’s room at homework time … not to talk.

· Have a jigsaw puzzle out in your family room… not to talk.

· Pull your child out of school for lunch… not to talk.

· Look through old family photo albums together… not to talk.

· Decide together to make a batch of cookies… not to talk.

· Go to a movie together at a far away theater so your teen won’t be embarrassed to be seen with you… not to talk.

It’s all about building a relationship, where kids trust us and choose to confide in us.