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“The rules for work are changing. We’re being judged by a new yardstick: not just by how smart we are, but by how we handle ourselves and each other. “

Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.
Psychologist, and noted expert on emotional intelligence

Executive Coaching

Every successful athlete has a coach. Celebrities rely on a variety of coaches to enhance their skills. In the business world, coaches work behind the scenes to help high-performing and ambitious executives achieve the highest levels of success. What would YOU accomplish with a coach?

Coaching helps executives:
• find clarity in overwhelming situations
• increase confidence
•​ redefine
your career path
think differently
• find a new perspective
• strengthen your resolve
• motivate you to change
• inspire new decision-making

Diane Overgard and 45 Degrees’ experienced coaching team helps executives break through frustration, visualize goals, and establish results-driven plans. We employ proven tools and strategies in order to best serve as a strong sounding board for our clients, illuminating their strengths and helping to establish clear focus.

Most importantly, we believe a sustainable, successful professional life is built on the foundation of a fantastic personal life. Achieving a healthy work/life balance is an important component to success.

Our unique “90 Days of Coaching” approach results in increased self-awareness, more confidence in your competence and abilities, a new understanding of your challenges, concrete actions, and accountability for outcomes.

Contact us to get learn more about how 45 Degrees can help you find clarity in chaos, make better decisions, improve your motivation, inspire others, and figure out your next big move!

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"Diane is an excellent career coach and I would highly recommend her to others looking for career change assistance. Diane was particularly helpful to me in clarifying my core career interests and strengths. She is very insightful, well organized and committed to facilitating your objectives. It was a pleasure to work with her."
Andrew M, Director of Finance / CFO
“Janice has this amazing natural gift of encouraging, aiding, & empowering people experiencing challenging situations. I’ve personally experience her positive & realistic approach towards the goal of resolution extremely valuable.”
Melissa P
“Alessandra is professional while being personable and friendly at the same time. She always challenges to identify my own pitfalls and come up with my own path to overcome them. She’s familiar with corporate life, so she understands how to navigate office politics. She can share best practices and help avoid common mistakes. hiring Alessandra as professional executive coach has improved the relationship with my colleagues and has made my daily life at work much more rewarding.”
G.C. Product Manager
"Lauren has been such a GEM to work with! Not only do I feel fully supported she is just the right amount of push without being too assertive. Her approach is to be kind and understanding but also provide the tools to help you find a sustainable plan to help you reach your goals. I love working with her weekly and always feel energized after our calls. She's an inspiration!"
Kristen Ramirez
“I want to express my deep gratitude to you, Diane Overgard, for the expert coaching you gave me over the last several months. The changes I’ve made to my business and personal routines have produced exponential growth in new clients, income and attitude. In large part, my new success is due to the insights I gained from our work together and the support you gave me to take the steps needed for making change happen. Thank you for all that you do! I recommend your work to anyone who needs to make positive change in their life and business.”
Brad W, President/CEO
"I’m so thankful to the friend that recommended that initial conversation with Diane. I had no idea the difference the right ‘coach’ could make! Diane has helped me reflect on where I have been and where I want to be and has helped guide me to a better place both personally and professionally. She has an amazing ability to listen, pull out the most important pieces and then make suggestions that help you put them all in the right place. I highly recommend her if you know you want to make a positive change toward living a more fulfilled life."
Susan R, Executive Director NFP
"Diane has a natural ability to help people see their own possibility. She has been more than a coach for me; she’s been a thought partner. My time with Diane has helped me define the steps that I need to take to make big changes. I’m certain with Diane as part of my team I will see big results. Thank you Diane."
Sandra P, Financial Advisor and Business Coach
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