I began 2012 with a New 15 DAY Resolution, which felt more reasonable than a New YEAR Resolution. My resolve was to workout with my old Denise Austin video every single day. It’s a great video that lasts only 22 minutes, and is set on a California beach. Pretty painless – and it was only for 15 days.


How do you think The Joy Lady did? Have you read the title of this blog entry? I skipped two days completely with no good excuse. Two other days I took a walk with my husband and called that a substitute for exercise. So, I failed 4 days of the 15. That’s 26% failure.


 We’ve all been there, living twists and turns that don’t go as we had hoped – many that are way more serious than an exercise routine. A lost job, a failed marriage, or a troubled child can all make a strong person question her wisdom, or even her worth. If this is you right now, I challenge you to take a different perspective by uncovering, with gratitude, what you have accomplished.


As I evaluate the first 15 days of 2012, I see that I worked out 11 days! That’s ELEVEN (11) days of success! That’s a better exercise streak than I had all year in 2011!  Mathematically that may be only 74% completion, but emotionally that’s 100% JOY!