The “CHECK ENGINE” light came on in my car yesterday. The owner’s manual suggested tightening the fuel cap. That didn’t fix the problem, and all afternoon I imagined how expensive this repair might be. However, this morning when I turned on my car the warning light was gone! My car was just fine. I felt relieved – and happy!

I got on Highway 88 and headed to my office to meet an early 8AM client. Cruising along, rather giddy about how my car had repaired itself, I glanced in the rear view mirror to see a State Police car coming up on me – really fast. Oops! In my happiness I was going 75 mph. So, I nervously eased up on the accelerator and glided into the right lane, hoping to blend in with traffic. The police car sped right past me. I felt relieved – and happy!

Have you ever noticed how often things do NOT go wrong in your day? Do you celebrate those times? It’s so common to complain about problems, but when ordinary things go right just take them for granted. If we live that way, we miss out on a million opportunities to be happy.

So, be happy – about nothing going wrong. Since you woke up this morning what did NOT go wrong? Make a list. Let my list help you get started:
• I got up on time, and was NOT late for work.
• The coffee pot worked great, and I did NOT spill any on my shirt.
• My client was prompt, and did NOT forget his appointment.
• I stopped at the grocery to buy sweet corn for dinner tonight, and they were NOT sold out.

A happy life is a compilation of many happy moments, including moments that stem from things that did NOT happen. Practice being “Happy about Nothing.” I’d love to hear how it changes your day!