If you’re curious about 2013, I’d like to let you in on three things that lie ahead. These are my predictions – actually promises – for the New Year.

  1. Sunny Days. I guarantee there will be some.
  2. Music. You’ll find it on your radio, IPod, or in a song that you sing in the shower.
  3. Disappointment. That’s an absolute certainty.

Here is a gift for you – COACHING TIPS to Live Well in 2013.

1- Savor Sunny Moments. When the sun is shining pay attention to it with gratitude. Sit in the sunshine for breakfast. When you can, take your laptop to the sunny side of your office building. Stand an extra minute on a sunny sidewalk before going indoors. It doesn’t matter how much your house is worth, or even if you don’t have a home, the sun shines on all of us. Savor it.

2- Feel the Music. What songs did you sing when you were a kid? I remember singing “The Boom-de-ya-da Song” around Girl Scout campfires. We sang harmony in a “round” and thought we were destined for stardom. A few weeks ago I was in the car with my 5 year old granddaughter singing along with Anne Murray, “Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you, Honey.” The memory of that moment does “bring a tear of joy to my eyes.” Music moves our souls and lightens our mood. Feel it.

3- Don’t Be Surprised by Disappointment.  In every life a little rain must fall – and sometimes it’s a hurricane. When trouble comes your way, try this approach:

  • Sit still as you name the problem. “A problem named is half-solved.”
  • When you’re ready, step toward the problem. Call the person in your life who is good at listening and helping you sort out facts and emotions. If you need a fresh perspective contact a professional therapist, pastor, or Life Coach.
  • Remind yourself, “Don’t Be Surprised.” You’ve faced disappointments before, and you’ll face them again. This is a part of real life and you can do it. Then walk into the sunshine, sing a comforting song, and live well.