This post was written by Erin Patti of Raymond James and Associates.

Diane Overgard is the founder and CEO of 45°, a specialized life coaching firm that advances professional development from the focus of a well-rounded, personal life. She encourages a balanced lifestyle with a system that launches individuals out of the ocean of sameness. Her passion for people is unparalleled, and she recognizes the need for individuals to have “a little one-on-one attention to think about their own lives”. With Diane’s guidance, countless individuals have realized their potential and lead more meaningful lives.

“We often put our needs on the back-burner.”

Diane began her career as a Parent Educator. Throughout her sessions, she realized that she needed to nurture the individual in order for the parents to adequately raise their child. As she observed parents who believed that they would become better parents with their focus on the child, she declared, “If you want to be a great parent, you need to take care of yourself.” That turning point guided her clients onward to more successful lives as both parents and individuals. She has taken the same belief and applied it to professionals; the more professionals take care of themselves and become self-aware, the more they will recognize their potential and seize their opportunities.

“Feel the power of ‘I can change that’.”

When Diane coaches groups and individuals, she guides them to ultimately discover the limiting labels that are often used as excuses when faced with an opportunity. People who believe they are lacking in particular areas, expertise, skills, experience, etc. are in the habit of living with self-limitations; they continue to destroy their opportunities and rob themselves of energy. Diane partners alongside her clients to break the bad habits and build good habits; she helps them answer the questions, “What is it that’s different about me?” and “What’s my ‘Wow Factor’?”

“Invest in living life to the fullest.”

“There’s always potential in living this life. There’s always something new.” Diane has empowered people to take ownership of their perception by recognizing their strengths, potential, goals, and opportunities. She has a belief that people constantly learn and never arrive. “The hunt is the adventure and hunting for opportunities is living to the fullest.”