Mastermind Groups

Consider this: You’ve been looking to find a mentor, but don’t know where to start. Or, you’ve tried to formalize a relationship with an industry colleague or peer … but instead of productive conversations you find yourselves commiserating. Sound familiar? We have the antidote.

45 Degrees’ signature leadership program, Mastermind Groups, takes the idea of mentorship to a new level. Certified executive coaches provide a structured, professionally-facilitated mentorship setting that is centered around accountability and results. The innovative methodology helps individuals and business teams think like a coach, hone their skills, and gain influence within their personal and professional circles. The coach fosters an environment of productive, enlightening peer-to-peer relationships that are focused on accountability and long-term success.

Participants learn how to use powerful questions to inspire others to solve problems, handle responsibilities, take on challenging projects, and see themselves more clearly. Learn how to gain influence, shed confusion, manage overwhelming feelings, and live and lead with clarity. The result? An organizational culture where people are happier and more focused.

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