There was a time during my divorce when I felt like I was nobody’s #1 person. My son was married and each of my daughters had boyfriends. Lots of incredible girlfriends loved me but they all had families of their own. Valentine’s Day highlights a special sweetheart relationship and when we don’t have one, February 14th stinks!

During that time of my life I spent many hours at coffee shops, just to get out of my quiet house and be around people. The Caribou near my house was manned by two great young guys in their 20’s and they knew as soon as I walked in the door to start a “Decaf Vanilla Latte in a Ceramic Mug” for me. Over time I learned that one of these young men was taking classes at Second City to become a comedian. No wonder he was so witty. The other fellow was a youth pastor making coffee white searching for a real job at a church. That explained his intuitive listening to my ramblings. A comedian and a pastor! Coffee doesn’t get much better than that. They both made me feel special.

Today I also have a favorite barista who works at Starbucks a little farther from my house. I drive past three Starbucks to get to his location – just for a shot of his positive attitude. His eyes twinkle as he greets me, “Hey! How’s it going today?” I always leave feeling noticed and important.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re Nobody’s Valentine this year, look around. Someone in your path today will touch your life with a lift if you’re looking for him. If you can’t seem to find that person, then maybe you’re looking in the wrong direction. Look at the person in your own shoes! Perhaps YOU are the person chosen this year to be the chuckle, listener, or twinkle for someone else who feels they are Nobody’s Valentine. You’ll make a difference for him or her – and for yourself!