The country winter roads were kind of “iffy” – as in ice covered and slippery. About 3 miles from home his car slid into the ditch, so Jason called a friend to say, “I’m in the ditch but not very deep. I think with a little jerk from your truck we could get it out.” The friend on the phone replied, “I’ll be right there! Who is this?”


Wow. Makes you think, doesn’t it? I’m asking myself, “Do I live like that? Will I agree to help even if I don’t know who it is on the other end of the phone?” That’s The Person I Want to Be. But how can that fit into my busy life?


Try this coaching exercise. Sit still for 90 seconds – I’m not kidding! Invest 90 seconds to gain insight into your best self. As the seconds tick away on your watch, think about the Person You Want to Be. Ask yourself:
• What does he do to make life easier for his neighbor?
• What do people remember about her when she’s missing from a meeting?
• How does he make his children smile?

That admirable person is you at your best. Each one of us intends to be helpful, but we’re busy. We want to be encouraging, but we’re busy. We plan to be brilliant, creative and fabulous, but we’re busy. And, busy messes with us being our best. You are in control of your time. You proved that as you took 90 seconds to reflect. You can choose how to focus your time, energy, and decisions every day.

It takes just a few seconds every now and then for me to remember the Person I Want to Be – kinder, wiser, listening better. I like her! Today I’m choosing to live more like her.