I’ve met so many people lately who feel pushed against a wall that just won’t budge. Some are stuck in jobs they don’t like but, in this economy, don’t feel they have the freedom to make a change. Men are lonely and unhappy but don’t know how to fix that. Women want to live out their dreams but are unclear about how that would look. Nearly everyone is craving peacefulness but too busy to schedule it.

Something’s got to change. Tolerating frustration doesn’t work. Accepting sadness is a waste of valuable time. Spinning in confusion gives us headaches. The older I get the more adamant I am about intentionally living each day, and making decisions that lead to achievement, great relationships, and satisfaction. Are you with me? Want a coaching exercise to begin that shift in your own life? Try this:

Start the Change by Casting a Vision for a Great Life.

What words mean “greatness in life” to you? Take a moment right now and jot them down. 

  • 1. Which of those words already describe you? Build them bigger. 


  • 2. What’s one word you wrote that is the opposite of you? Take a small step to change.
  • What can you do this week to become more like that word?


3. What has “got to go” to make space for your great life? Are you living with habits or time consumers that keep life average, tedious, or boring to you? Write those habits down.


  • 4. What actions will be required of you daily to break one of those habits? Are you willing to give up that habit in exchange for achievement, a great relationship, or satisfaction?


Change takes reflection, inspiration and determination. This is not a natural thing to do – but it is a skill that you can learn. I’d love to be your coach during the process. Something’s got to change – and you can make that happen! Email me, Diane@45degrees.org.