Speaking Opportunities

Diane Overgard and Fred Willman are highly sought-after speakers for conferences, breakout sessions, weekend retreats, luncheons, and other events. The 45 Degrees team believes that the amount we learn is directly proportionate to amount of fun we’re having; its coaching and presentations are challenging, personal, and motivational – but never boring!

Topics include:

* Stop the Chaos in Your Business
* Balance Life with a Strong C.O.R.E.
* Mountaintop View of Your Business
* Personal Branding for Corporate Success

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TESTIMONIALSlarge room talk

Katherine J, Sr. Marketing Manager
“After a series of very effective career coaching sessions I hired Diane to conduct a one-day career development workshop with my marketing team. The response was unanimously positive! It gave my team members a chance to expand their thinking about their lives and careers and gave us tools to be more effective in our jobs and personal lives. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is leading a group of busy professionals.”

Steve C, Senior Executive
“Diane is currently engaged with U.S. Alliance Partners to develop a client workshop, the objective of which is to improve the culture of customer loyalty throughout the client company. Not only does Diane over-deliver on her promises and commitments, but she also positively elevates the mood of the space in which we are working. Her insight into people and ability to translate “expert content” into “learnable information” is priceless. We are very fortunate to be able to call her partner and friend.”

Mike C, Chief Sales Officer
“Diane is a great speaker and coach. She is an asset to the Naperville Chamber Speakers Bureau. Her topics are real life issues ranging from trauma to trouble to happy to joy. Diane’s presentation and especially her delivery style is what encourage me and everyone in the audience to sit up on the edge of our seats and look forward to the next sentence. The audience is engaged from start to finish; and everyone walks away with a kinder, peaceful outlook, and a smile that lasts for days. Depending on the topic, she can turn silence into joyful laughter. It’s true; Diane Overgard helps people add more joy to their lives.”

Holly T, Psychologist
“Albert Einstein once said, “Any intelligent fool can make things…more complex… It takes a touch of genius…to move in the opposite direction.” In fact he said on another occasion, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Diane Overgard has that “touch of genius” and clearly understands her areas of expertise—family life coaching and parent education. Her presentations and written materials are filled to the brim with information and guidance that are consistent with a wide array of research in clinical, developmental, physiological-, and cognitive psychology, as well as in education. And yet she provides it in a way that is immediately accessible to her audiences. She is a joy and inspiration to work with and a dedicated woman of faith. I look forward to partnering with her on future projects and cases in our area.”

IdaLynn W, Executive Director
“Diane’s voice is a welcomed commodity – both in workshops and in the coaching realm. She helps her audiences and clients embrace the chaos of their surroundings in order to discover the splendor of their lives through her insightful and sensitive proddings. Whether you are listening to her in person or reading one of her books, Diane provides us with practical tools that will positively impact our lives.”