Drip. Drip. Drip.

I’m not my best self when something is dripping.


Nagging. Constant. Distracting.

Little things distract my focus and steal my energy.


New ideas. Golden opportunities. Gracious invitations.

Even good things draw me away from my priorities.


Stop the drips of multi-tasking, overwhelming obligations, and energy-draining tasks that aren’t contributing toward the productive and satisfying life you want to live. How many good ideas can one mind act on simultaneously? Less than we think we’re capable of.


A powerful shift comes over executive life coaching clients when they make a hard stop in their busy pace, stopping to refocus and get clear about their plan to move forward. Sometimes drips are situational or relational, but often they are the result of our own choice to tolerate rather than move ahead.


Saying “no” to multi-tasking is freeing.

Saying “no more” to unfulfilling obligations is motivating.

Saying “no” to life imbalance is strengthening.


The decision to hire a life coach is similar to the decision to hire a plumber. Just making the appointment for a service call says, “I have decided to make a change for the better.” What’s dripping in your life? Call me! Find out more about coaching www.45degrees.org.