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Coaching Groups

Connect with a coach to choose from the group inventory below or be guided to a custom experience to match your group's unique goals.

Efficiency Accelerator: Prioritize, Excel, Achieve

Remote or In Person

Discover clarity and awareness within this dynamic time management group, designed to help you prioritize effectively, boost productivity, and pave the way to success in your business and life. 

Colleagues Working Together

Perspective Catalyst

Remote Group

Explore the power of diverse viewpoints, enhance your critical thinking and create a welcome space where everyone's voice can be heard. 

Virtual Team Meeting

Go Back to Innovate Forward

In Person Group

Activate an innovative, growth mindset for yourself, your team and your organization. 


Stress Redefined Series

Remote Group (3 Part Series)

Redefine your relationship with stress and use it to your advantage while relating to your team on a deeper level. 

  • 1: Stress activates my body’s natural reaction to prepare me for life. 

  • 2: I stress about things that matter to me. 

  • 3: I can choose my thoughts about stress. 

Working Remotely

The Science of Change: Mastering Transitions with Analytical Insight

Remote or In Person Groups

In this introspective program, we provide tools for excelling in times of organizational change and transition. Embrace openness as you dissect your 'What Ifs,' and adopt a scientist's approach to challenges. See your team tap into their analytical business mindset, boosting adaptability and ensuring your business thrives in the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Science Experiments

Winning through Engagement

In Person Group

Experience the magic of authentic team building by leaning into engagement, curiosity and friendly competition. Discover how vulnerability and fun can unite your team without tension.

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Wind Up for Impact

In Person Group

Ignite your power to choose how you show up, amplify your influence within your company and community, and experience genuine connections and shared laughter.

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Custom Group

Remote or In Person Groups

Schedule a consultation today. Our coaches will build an experience with your unique outcomes, pain points and goals in mind.

Group Discussion

Connect with a coach to choose from the group inventory or be guided to a custom experience to match your group's unique goals.

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