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Engaged group facilitator


Efficiently launch yourself, your group, and your corporation the greatest distance with the least resistance. 

Our coaches function as mirrors, sounding boards and accountability partners. Clients find self-awareness and clarity of vision which leads to intentional action and growth. 

What We Do

Our coaches analyze trends and customize coaching programs for your desired outcomes for growth through individual, group, and corporate coaching.


45 Degrees is the optimal angle for growth. We know that when employees flourish, companies flourish.


 We act as a catalyst to encourage growth at all levels from innovative thinking strategies among executives to confident communication skills among new employees. 


Corporate clients see improved productivity, employee retention, and team effectiveness.


Individual clients gain a vision of productive change, clarity in challenging situations, and the confidence to choose tangible steps forward.


Choose between individual coaching for you, group coaching for your team, or support your organization most sustainably with a customized corporate relationship. 

Remote Corporate Coaching

Increase employee engagement and retention, improve productivity, and enhance employee confidence, communication and relationships with a corporate coaching strategy. 

Speakers hand in front of a group

Find clarity in overwhelm, confidence, a redefined path, a new way of thinking, new perspectives, strengthened resolve, motivation to change and inspired decision-making with 1:1 coaching.

Engaged Group Coaching

Strengthen relationships, gain insight from others, and learn accessible strategies for lasting change in these unique, interactive experiences.

(Remote & In Person available)



Our relationship with 45 Degrees Coaching has helped us stand out as an employer of choice. The addition of  coaching to our suite of benefits, has improved our retention rate and increased team engagement and productivity. We view this relationship as an extension of our HR/Training team, and we are grateful for the support and guidance provided. 

senior vice president

Human Relations


Through Individual Coaching, I have achieved tangible and measurable career growth; personally, I have gained a stronger sense of confidence, self-worth and self-awareness, enhancing my quality of my life and relationships. 


My 45 Degrees coach is physically, mentally and emotionally engaged in my topics, questions and challenges – always creating a safe space to voice even my most personal thoughts.

Communications Coordinator


I hired 45 Degrees to conduct a  development workshop with my marketing team. The response was unanimously positive! It gave my team members a chance to expand their thinking about their lives and careers and gave us tools to be more effective in our jobs and personal lives.

Internet Strategist & Marketer


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