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Barbie & the "Truth" - A Corporate Coach Perspective

Our truth is THE truth until we find new information.
Corporate Woman in Pink

Barbieland is full of undisputed truths. Barbie can do anything. She can perform any job and Barbies rule the world. To Barbie, it is an undisputed truth that the Real World is just like Barbieland. What Barbie knows is, all women are succeeding and thriving in the Real World just as they are in Barbieland. This is Barbie’s absolute truth until she finds new information when she travels to the Real World and her truth changes.

Barbie’s truth was THE truth until she found new information.

Barbie and the "Truth" - A Corporate Coach Perspective. Just like Barbie, we have “Undisputed Barbieland Truths” that feel concrete but are actually dependent on the information we currently have.

- My boss will never change.

- I can’t do projects like that.

- This position is as far as I can progress.

- I’m not a person who is good at time management.

Barbie’s truth changes by finding new information in the Real World. New perspectives, expanded thinking and experiments with new ideas challenge her own beliefs.

Let’s find new information. What might a different version of your truth look like?

- Who has a different perspective I can learn from?

- What is another way to look at this?

- What looks different when I zoom in or zoom out?

- Where else might I find new information?

In 45 Degrees Corporate Coaching we experiment with new ideas, challenge beliefs, and expand thinking. Just like Barbie, when we seek new information and adopt new truths, we become innovators and evolve.

See our SERVICES page to see how 45 Degrees can support you and your organization as you innovate and evolve.

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