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Holiday Corporate Coaching Magic

Unlock "Holiday Corporate Coaching Magic" for clarity, intention setting and meaningful action.

Happy holidays! I was recently reminded that amidst the glitz and glamour of the season, stress, overwhelm, and heartache may also accompany the festivities. It made me think, “How do we enter the holidays intentionally and choose the outcomes we would like?”

In corporate coaching, I sometimes use what I playfully call my Magic Coaching Wand (which might resemble a pen, but bear with me). This enchanted tool sweeps away barriers of past experience, hesitation, and internal struggle, leaving clients empowered to envision precisely what they desire. Let's use it now to create some holiday corporate coaching magic:

holiday intention prompt

1. What 3 words would you like to describe your holiday season?

Don't constrain yourself with logic; think big and imagine the best-case scenario.

2. Make a commitment to these words. Write them down, share them here, or tell someone.

When we translate our reflections into words, whether on paper or through sharing, we make them real. This act reinforces our thoughts and engages critical thinking on a profound level.

3. Use this awareness to spot opportunities for actions and choices which align with your holiday vision.

45 Degrees Corporate Coaching helps individuals, teams and organizations use their specific perspective to clarify their vision for success. As employees and teams grow close to this vision, so does the corporation. This synergy between personal and professional development becomes a strategic investment, creating a symbiotic relationship where the success of individuals propels the overall growth and prosperity of the company.


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